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The Mystery Of The Bermuda Triangle

TBF Grumman Avenger,
Bermuda Triangle, sometimes also called Satan's Triangle is an area of ​​the Atlantic ocean in an area of ​​1.5 million or 4 million km2 mil2 line shape triangle between Bermuda, the British territory as a point on the north side , Puerto Rico, the territory of the United States as a point on the south and Miami, the state of Florida, the United States as a point on the west.
Very mysterious Bermuda Triangle. Often there is the issue of the paranormal in the area stating the reason for the loss of ships passing events. There are also saying that it is the natural phenomenon that should not be across the region. Some are even saying that it was all due to act of extraterrestrials Table of contents [Hide]

* 1 The early history
* 2 Explanation of some sources
o 2.1 The charge excess
o 2.2 Methane Gas and whirlpool
o 2.3 Earthquake sea and big waves
o 2.4 Gravitation
o 2.5 Base U.F.O.
o 2.6 Palace of Satan
o 2.7 Water Life
o 2.8 Where the beautiful and dangerous
o 2.9 Lorong time (worm holes)
* 3 famous events
o 3.1 Flight 19
o 3.2 Chronology of some famous events
* 4 See also
* 5 References
* 6 External links
[Edit] The early history
At the time of Christopher Columbus voyage, when it crossed the Bermuda Triangle area, said one of his crew saw "a strange light berkemilau on the horizon". Some people say they have observed something like a meteor. In his notes he writes that the navigational equipment was not functioning properly while he was in the area.
Loss events in the area was first documented in 1951 by EVW Jones from the Associated Press magazine. Jones wrote an article about the events that befall the mysterious loss of aircraft and sea in the area and call it 'Satan's Triangle'. This tilt back the following year by Fate Magazine with articles that made George X. In 1964, Vincent Geddis calling area as the 'Bermuda Triangle of the deadly', after the term 'Bermuda Triangle' a term commonly called. Bermuda Triangle is a place where the ocean floor there are a large pyramid may be larger than the pyramids in Cairo, Egypt. Pyramid has the distance between the tip of the pyramid and the sea level about 500 m, on the edge of the pyramid there are two cavities trsebut bigger hole. [Edit] Explanation of some sources
Here is an explanation of several sources stating that the oddity of the Bermuda Triangle where there is methane gas, is considered a lost ship where cargo has exceeded the limit, UFO Base, a gathering place of Satan faction Jin (Palace of Satan) and some say that's where lies lake "Water of Life" which could make the youth and longevity. [Edit] The charge excess Map of places that contain methane gas
Marine insurance company Lloyd's of London claimed that the Bermuda triangle is not a dangerous seas and oceans the same as usual throughout the world, provided it does not carry freight beyond the provision when through the region. The Coast Guard confirmed the decision. The explanation is considered reasonable, plus the number of observation and investigation of cases. [Edit] Methane Gas and whirlpool
Another explanation of the disappearance of several events of aircraft and ships under mysterious is the presence of methane gas in the waters. This theory was first published for 1981 by the United States Geological Investigation Agency. This theory was successfully tested in the laboratory and the results satisfy some people on a reasonable explanation about the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships that pass in the area.
According to Bill Dillon of the U.S. Geological Survey, water-white glow that was the cause. Bermuda triangle of death region, but also in several other areas along the coast of the continent, there is a "mine methane." mine is formed when methane gas accumulated beneath the sea floor can not be distinguished ditembusnya. This gas can escape if the seabed tiba2 crack. Escape of non-abysmal training while also satisfying. With the power rara avis, the stack gas was sprayed onto the surface while boiling water, forming compounds metanahidrat.
Water that passed through this gas to boil until it looks as "water-white glow." Blow out similar ever happens is a lot to swallow the Caspian sea oil drilling platform as a victim. Rescuers who are deployed do not find the rest at all. Perhaps because the tools and people who become the victims of whirlpool sucked, and fell into the hole former seafloor cracks, and soil and water which initially rose to the top but then settles again towing, hoard them all. [Edit] Earthquake sea and big waves
This theory says friction and turbulence in the soil at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean and instantly generate massive waves of ships became lost control and went straight to the sea with a strong base in just a few seconds. As for its relationship with the plane, then the shock and strong waves caused the loss of the balance of the aircraft and the absence of the ability for pilots to control aircraft. [Edit] Gravity
Gravity (graviti reversed field, magnetic anomaly graviti) and its relationship to what happens in the Bermuda Triangle, it is actually a compass and other electronic navigation equipment in aircraft when flying over the Bermuda Triangle will be shaken and not moving normally, as well as the compass on the ship , which shows strong magnetism and gravity are strangely inverted. [Edit] Base U.F.O.
U. S. Government and the Independent Academic said the Bermuda Triangle because it is a base where UFO group of outer space creatures / aliens who do not want disturbed by humans, so that any vehicle passing through the territory would be exploited and abducted. Some say that the cause is because of the source of the biggest magnets are embedded in the earth beneath the Bermuda Triangle, so that the metal tons and tonpun may be attracted to the inside. [Edit] Palace of Satan
In the hadith narrated from Abu Hurayrah from the Prophet Muhammad, said that the meeting between hot and cold temperature (cool) is ikatakan this prohibition because such places are the places most favored by Satan. [1] Because according to some opinions some say that the Triangle Bermuda is the central meeting point between the flow of cold water with hot water flow, which will result in a large whirlpool / terrible. Since Bermuda is located in the mid-Atlantic waters between northern parts of the Americas and Africa. This location is easily pertembungan two heat flow region of Africa and the cool of North America.
According to some Muslim people believe in this hadith that is considered to have answered about the mystery of Bermuda. Contemplates the strange often happens is certainly partly due to pertembungan between hot and cool and assume Palace is located in a hidden devil in it. Then is said also that the Antichrist at the time now resides in the Bermuda Triangle until the end he will come out ahead. [Edit] Water of Life
According to Imam Shaykh M. Ma'rifatullah al-Throne, bermuda triangle merupan terujung point where in the world. In the middle of the region there is a lake where the water can make anyone who drank it a long life, the place was also the Prophet Khidzir enthroned as a keeper of the source of "Water of Life" is. Ma'rifatullah Sheikh Imam Zaman said that the rescue late Imam Mahdi will come out of Ghaibnya through the site using holy robes bluish. [Edit] Places a beautiful and dangerous
According to an ancient manuscript states that King Alexander the Great had tried to get into this great area and return them to say that the place was berpasirkan berbatukan gems and diamonds. The place was filled with thick white fog was very beautiful to look at but very dangerous for the visit. [2] [Edit] The passage of time (worm holes)
In history, people, ships, aircraft and many others who disappeared under mysterious circumstances as we often hear in the waters of the Bermuda Triangle, is really into this mysterious passage of time.
An American scientist named Ado Snandick argues, the human eye can not see the existence of an object in another room, that's the objectivity of the existence of the hall.
In investigations into the hall, John Buckally The hypothesis put forward the theory as follows:

* Objectivity existence is kematerialan time path is not visible, can not be touched, closed to the world of mortal human life, but not absolute, because sometimes he will open it.

* The passage of time with the human world is not a system of time, after entering the set system time, there is the possibility of returning to the very distant past, or into the future, because in the passage of time, time can be either unidirectional or counterclockwise direction, can move straight can also be turned around, and even froze.

* Against the mortal world on earth, if it enters the hall, then mysteriously disappeared, and if out of the alley at that time, it will mean is mysteriously reappear.
Due to time path, and the earth is not a time system, and because time can still frozen, so although it has been missing for 3 years, 5 years, even 30 or 50 years, the time is the same as with one or half a day.
Although several theories thrown, but no satisfactory reason such as the emergence of additional foreign bodies shine that surround the plane before it lost contact with control tower and the plane disappeared. [Edit] The events of the famous [Edit] Flight 19 Aircraft on Grumman TBF Avenger flight, similar to the flight 19
One of the stories of the famous and long-lasting in many cases about the mysterious disappearance of planes and ships that pass in the Bermuda triangle is Flight 19. Flight 19 is an air force unit of five naval bombers United States.
The flight was last seen during takeoff in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on December 5, 1945. The planes of Flight 19 made systematically by people who are aviation and marine experts to deal with bad situations, but suddenly easily disappear after submitting a report on the symptoms that weird views, is considered unreasonable.
Because the airplanes on Flight 19 are designed to float in the ocean for a long time, then the cause of the loss is considered because the flight was still floating in the ocean waiting for a calm sea and clear sky.
After that, the rescue team sent to pick up the flight, but it is not just airplane Flight 19 that has not been found, rescuers also disappeared. Because the accident in this navy mysterious, it is considered the "cause and the reason is unknown."
And also found a link with atlantis bermuda triangle found in the discovery of ancient cities and various buildings in the Bermuda triangle. "Atlantis who allegedly drowned in one day one night allegedly drowned in the Bermuda triangle and some other areas that are similar to events exist in Bermuda triangle is one of them is in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and others ". [Edit] Chronology of some famous events

* 1840: HMS Rosalie
* 1872: The Mary Celeste, one of the greatest mystery of the disappearance of several ships in the Bermuda triangle
* 1909: The Spray
* 1917: SS Timandra
* 1918: USS Cyclops (AC-4) disappeared in the stormy sea, but before leaving the control tower to say that the sea was calm, not possible storm, very good for shipping
* 1926: SS Suduffco missing in bad weather
* 1938: HMS Anglo Australian disappear. Though the report said the weather was very calm day
* 1945: Flight 19 disappeared
* 1952: British York transport plane lost with 33 passengers
* 1962: U.S. Air Force KB-50, a tanker, disappeared
* 1970: French ship goods, Milton Latrides disappeared; sailed from New Orleans to Cape Town.
* 1972: German Ship, Anita (20,000 tons), disappeared with 32 crew
* 1976: SS Sylvia L. Ossa disappeared in the sea 140 miles west of Bermuda.
* 1978: Douglas DC-3 Argosy Airlines Flight 902, disappeared after takeoff and lost radio contact
* 1980: SS Poet; sailed to Egypt, disappeared in the storm
* 1995: Ship Jamanic K (made in 1943) were reported missing after going through Cap Haitien
* 1997: The mariner disappear from German yacht
* 1999: Freighter Genesis disappeared after sailing from Port of Spain to St Vincent.
[Edit] See also

* Bermuda
* Island of Bermuda
[Edit] References

1. ^ Abu Huraira said that the Prophet Muhammad has said: "When one is in place an open or in the middle of the sun is shining, and the shadow which meneduhinya bergerau that part of him lies the hot place and partly in a cool, then let him stand or leave that. "
2. ^ Islamic version Bermuda Triangle Mystery

* Pyramid of the Marine base at the site of the Bermuda Triangle
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